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Very Important Valentine's Message

I have this thing I do every time Valentine's rolls around. It's not that I don't love the holiday. Or that I'm a grinch that wants to ruin Valentine's. Nope, it's far from that. But every time the season rolls around and we get customers who come to the store and chat with us about finding the perfect lingerie set that will "wow my bf", I find this feeling surge in my belly and this need to start writing my Valentine's message. And my message is to you. Lingerie is a huge part of Valentine's. The same way chocolates and flowers are. Men buy them for women to show affection and Valentine's is all about that. In return, some women...

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4 Ways To Identify An Expired Bra

We know that feeling. You have that one bra you love so much, you wear it over and over until the colour has faded and the shoulder straps worn out. But you don't want to throw it away. Because it feels so comfortable and it hugs you in all the right places. You've gotten attached. But sometimes, the most difficult thing to do is also the right thing. A worn out bra might feel comfortable and well lived in but it can do more harm than good to your body. A bra that has outlived its use by date can cause neck, back and shoulder aches, and even cause you to be generally irritable all day. If you're looking to...

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Christmas Gift Ideas Under $30

Secret Santa is a great game to play until you draw a friend or colleague who seemingly already has everything in life and is crazy picky about what appears under the wrapping paper. I admit I can be a difficult person to purchase a gift for. After all, I often berate my friends for spending excessively on cosmetics, random knick-knacks and even paying too much for food when they eat out. They might be a little afraid to buy gifts for me since I've (on more than one occasion) unwrapped a present, then go on and on about how overpriced and wasteful it is. But gifting done right can be a true accomplishment. And makes you and the recipient feel...

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Debunking The Myth About Support

A lot of times, we get customers that walk into our retail store and are absolutely new to bralettes. They usually pick up a design that catches their eye, feels the underbust band and then let out a gasp of disbelief: There's no underwire? What about support? Which leads us to why this post exists, and why we are here to debunk the myth about your breasts needing support. Bras Make Breasts Sag We're not making this up just so we can convince you that bralettes are better than bras. It's real. It's science. According to a 15 year study from the University of Besançon, France, breasts gain no benefit from being denied gravity and they get saggier with a...

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Breast Cancer Awareness: Our Friend Kelly

We’re wrapping up October with an interview with Kelly, a long time friend to OBC and myself. I met Kelly back in 2016 when she was first diagnosed with breast cancer and through texts, and little gifts, we became friends. I’ve always admired her strength to share about her journey with cancer as well as her courage to always own her emotions and face them bravely, whether times are good or bad. That’s why I’m more than excited to be sharing this interview and photoshoot we did with her. I hope you girls enjoy it too! — Chow Q: Hey Kelly! Can you share a little about yourself with our readers? We’d love to know more about you! A: I’m...

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