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Retrospective: Violet Dreams Capsule Collection

The backbone of the Violet Dreams Capsule collection is a surprising find. An eye catching purple lace with obvious daisy motifs. When I brought up this lace pattern during our initial product design meeting, we were still hesitant on whether this was a hit or miss, because unique lace patterns can be difficult to work with.

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The Devil's In The Details - OBC x goodbyejohanna

She burnt her first batch of clay creations - "I left my room for a few minutes after I’d started the oven, and returned to a room filled with thick dark smoke. I think I kind of freaked my parents out." But that was before. Sparkle, the woman behind the popular clay jewellery brand goodbyejohanna, now handmakes the most intricate and beautiful accessories. We'd like to call her a master of her craft, but she thinks this is just the beginning and strives to be better at what she does every day.

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Mother's Day 2021 - Meet The Woman Behind The Mom

  This post explores motherhood and discusses relationships between mother and child. We understand that not everyone has a positive relationship with their parents. Should this be an uncomfortable topic for you, please do not proceed in reading this article. Growing up, I was the most sticky child. I would wake up each morning before my mother would get ready for work and stay by her side, holding on to the edges of her skirts and whining pitifully behind the gates of our home, watching as she stepped into her car and then disappearing from my sight. I would spend the entire day sulking, waiting for her to come back. No cheer until she reappeared at home again. A little...

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International Women's Day 2021: Challenge The Norm

Trigger warning: This post has mentions of sexual harassment and abuse. If you are not comfortable with such content, please exit this page.  This International Women’s Day is special for us. Instead of just celebrating women and all our wonderful strengths, we want to get you thinking. We’re thankful for this opportunity, to meet up with six women whose unique perspective and experiences have allowed us to bring this to you.  So let’s just dive into this head first.    Nina We’ll start off with Nina. Why? Because without Nina, we wouldn’t have this beautiful campaign. We love spontaneity - so when she came to us and pitched the idea of women coming together and sharing their stories for International...

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