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Bralette 101

Where we tell you everything you need to know when choosing a perfect bralette.


A bralette is the sister to the bralette. No moulded cups, no underwire. Stretchy and comfortable to wear.


Anyone, Everyone

We take pride in being a size inclusive brand. That means no matter your size, we have a bralette for you. If you need to find out your bra size, follow our sizing guide to get your measurements

What about support?

The misconception is that without underwire or moulded cups, bralettes can't provide the support you need. That's not true. Our designs have gone through rigorous iterations to provide maximum support without compromising on comfort. If you need recommendations, chat with our live chat support.

What designs suit me?

We have a wide range of designs that suit different body types. The best way to know is to chat with our support team on site for recommendations. But if you're shy (don't be!) you can always filter our products by collections. Or you can always try our Starter Kit.

Why bralettes & not bras?

We'll try to keep this short, even though we have a lot to say about this. A bralette focusses on your comfort and embracing your body's natural shape. Unlike a bra that forces your breasts to confirm to a moulded cup, bralettes hug your body, keeps you comfortable and boosts your self confidence.