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nursing - best bet padded bralette in red

nursing - best bet padded bralette in red

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The living and breathing testament to a basic bralette that's so comfortable. The Best Bet is made from a lycra-polyester blend material that keeps you cool under all your layers. It wicks away moisture like magic and promises nothing but comfort. Reinforced underbust band to provide you with that additional support.

    PADDED with removable padding

    Adjustable shoulder straps
    Double back hook closure

    Reinforced underbust band

    Lined with lycra

    Lingerie Care Guide

    Hand Wash

    Hand washing is the preferred method of care for your lingerie, especially if it has lace. However, we understand if it is not feasible to hand wash your lingerie on a daily basis. You can refer to our Machine Wash Guide if you prefer washing your lingerie in a washing machine.

    1. Hand wash lingerie in cold or room temperature water not exceeding 30 degrees celsius.

    2. Do not apply detergent directly onto the fabric as this may cause discolouration or staining. Instead, dissolve detergent into the water before use. Using detergent specially formulated for lingerie can help the colours last longer.

    3. Do not use bleach on lingerie.

    4. Separate all dark colours from light colours to prevent colour run.

    5. Gently clean the fabric but do not rub lace against each other to prevent furring. Do not scrub with a brush.

    6. Do not soak your lingerie to prevent the metal hardware from tarnishing.

    7. Wring out excess water before leaving to air dry in a well ventilated area.

    Machine Wash

    Machine washing might not be the best for your lingerie, but the convenience of it cannot be ignored. Our lingerie is made to last, even if you wash it in a machine. However, do note that the lifespan of the bralette might be shortened if you choose to do so.

    1. Always separate your washes into dark and light colours to prevent colour run. Try not to wash your lingerie in the same cycle as rough fabrics like denim.

    2. Use a separate laundry bag for your lingerie. Ideally, each piece of lingerie should be placed in it's own laundry bag to prevent tangling.

    3. Wash in cold water.

    4. Do not soak your lingerie if your machine has a soak setting.

    5. Do not spin dry or use the dryer setting on your machine.

    6. Wash on the most gentle cycle.

    7. Wring out excess water and leave to dry in a well ventilated area.

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