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BrArt DIY Kit

BrArt DIY Kit

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In partnership with Breast Cancer Foundation for Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2022, Our Bralette Club is launching a Bralette DIY Kit as part of the BrArt Bra Design Community Submission Project.
What does the ‘pink ribbon’ represent?
The pink ribbon is an internationally-recognised symbol for breast cancer awareness and identifies with the breast cancer community. It also represents our solidarity for those diagnosed with breast cancer and serves as a reminder for women to do their monthly breast self-examination and regular mammogram screening for early detection.
With this DIY kit, you can come up with a unique design that represents the Pink Ribbon Story in support of Breast Cancer Survivors. Put together a bralette inspired by the Pink Ribbon Story with your loved ones! We encourage you to include accessories of your own as well.
Each kit comes with

1 unpadded bralette



Assorted Sequins

1m pink ribbon

2 pieces of gold chains
If you choose to submit the design for the BrArt Community Submissions, you consent to allowing the bralette to be placed on display during the BrArt exhibition organized by Breast Cancer Foundation. A stamped polymailer will be provided for you to return the completed design back to us. Upon receiving the physical bralette submission, we will also send you of $5 gift voucher from Our Bralette Club!
100% of the profits from this product will be donated to the Breast Cancer Foundation.

How To Take Part
1) Order a BrArt DIY kit* and design a bralette. Share the fun with your friends family and children. Show us what the Pink Story means to you!

2) Submit your designs via
a ) ONLINE or
b) MAIL the actual bralette in the provided Polymailer. 

You could stand a to have your work displayed at the October 2022 public exhibition.

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