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BrArt Campaign

for Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2022

BrArt is an advocacy campaign by Breast Cancer Foundation (BCF) and Our Bralette Club (OBC), aimed at raising awareness about breast cancer through fashion, art & design. It is a fashion/art design competition where, we hope that participants will be inspired by the colour pink which is associated with breast cancer awareness. The final outcome of this competition will be to showcase the winning pieces in a public exhibition during the Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, to draw nationwide attention to this disease and how early detection can save lives.

Through the project, we hope that the conversations sparked through the process, would encourage women to take charge of their breast health and to do their breast self-examination (BSE) as well as go for their routine mammograms. No one should walk this journey alone. Whether you have doubts or have been diagnosed , BCF is the first port of call for those affected about breast cancer (including caregivers). BCF is set up to support the breast cancer community through the services and facilities provided at the newly opened Breast Cancer Centre.

Here are two ways you can participate in the BrArt campaign.

BrArt Design Competition

  • About The Competition
  • Judging Criteria
  • Prizes

Design a bralette to express your interpretation of the Pink Story or the Pink Ribbon which stands for Breast Cancer Awareness and Solidarity for the breast cancer warriors and survivors.

What does the ‘pink ribbon’ represent?

The pink ribbon is an internationally-recognised symbol for breast cancer awareness and identifies with the breast cancer community. It also represents our solidarity for those diagnosed with breast cancer and serves as a reminder for women to do their monthly breast self-examination and regular mammogram screening for early detection.

How To Take Part:

Download the bra template and create your design in any of the following formats:

a) Printed art to be placed on the bralette cups

b) Decorations to be added to the bralette

c) Include elements of Pink Story or Pink Ribbon

d) Your design must be able to be translated onto a physical bralette

2. Give us your inspiration in 150 words

3. Submit your designs here 

Submission to be in the form of a softcopy file (in pdf) including the drawing and materials in the design

Submission closes on 24 June 2022

Some Examples:

You don't need to be a designer or illustrator to join this competition. We want to know your interpretation of the Pink Ribbon Story and encourage everyone to participate!

You will be evaluated on:

Quality of the composition of overall design with the theme
Execution of prototype design for Exhibition (for Top 10 finalists)
10 Winning entries will shortlisted to displayed at the exhibition.
The top 3 winning entries will depend on popularity by the public via votes (50% weightage) and by a panel of judges (50% weightage)

1st Place

• $250 Cash prize from TAF.TC

• Sewing machine and sewing kit from Sing Mui Heng

• $300 OBC gift voucher

• Launch of capsule collection with winner’s name printed on labels*

• Plaque and Certificate of Excellence from BCF

2nd Place

• $150 Cash prize from TAF.TC

• Sewing machine and sewing kit from Sing Mui Heng

• $200 OBC gift voucher

• Launch of capsule collection with winner’s name printed on labels*

• Plaque and Certificate of Excellence from BCF

3rd Place

• $100 Cash prize from TAF.TC

• Sewing kit from Sing Mui Heng

• $100 OBC gift voucher

• Launch of capsule collection with winner’s name printed on labels*

• Plaque and Certificate of Excellence from BCF

7 Consolation Prizes

•$50 OBC gift voucher

• Certificate of Achievement from BCF

*subject to alterations by OBC based on feasibility of design for retail production

BrArt Community Project

  • About The Community Project
  • How To Take Part

100% of the profits from the sale of the BrArt Community DIY Kit will go to the Breast Cancer Foundation.

We believe there is an artist in everyone and anyone can be an advocate for the Pink Ribbon movement. However, we understand that not everyone wants to design a bralette from scratch. That's why we've created the BrArt DIY Kit so everybody can take part in the campaign!

What's In The DIY Kit?

The DIY Kit contains the following:

• Base pink bralette for you to embellish

• Ribbons


Craft flowers

• Metal craft chains

• Feathers

What Else Do I Need?

You will either need some fabric glue, a glue gun or some needle and thread to attach the embellishments to the bralette. But other than that, all you have to ready is your creativity and crafty hands!

This is an activity you can enjoy with a group of friends or your family!

How To Take Part

1) Order a BrArt DIY kit* and design a bralette.

Share the fun with your friends family and children. Show us what the Pink Story means to you!

2) Design the bralette included in the DIY kit*

3) Inspiration/Story behind the design

4) Submission can be in the following forms:

• Time-lapse video of participant working on the bralette

• Photo of final product and/ or

• Bralette itself^

For every completed bralette submitted, you can redeem a $5 gift card from Our Bralette Club.

^ Note: Actual bralette submitted may be displayed at the exhibition.

Submit your designs via

a ) ONLINE or

b) MAIL the actual bralette to 11 Changi South Lane, #03-04, Singapore 486154 (you can opt for a return envelope when you purchase the kit!)

Your DIY masterpiece could be picked to be displayed at the October 2022 public exhibition. Submission closes on 24 June 2022

*Each kit will include a plain bralette and some accessories (e.g lace, sequins, pink ribbons, etc) Additional accessories/embellishments added are welcomed. All profits from the sale of the BrArt DIY Kit will be donated to BCF.