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New to nursing bralettes?

Bralette Starter Kit

✓ 60.80 $81.10
✓ 2 nursing bralettes picked for your size
✓ Refundable in cash

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Bralettes Picked For Your Size

All we need for the Starter Kit is your bra size. And we will pick out the bralettes that best fit your size. You can indicate Got a specific colour you'd like to avoid? Let us know too.



We want to make your first time special, which is why the price of the Starter Kit is heavily discounted. Save up to $20 when you purchase a kit.


Refundable in Cash

Besides a cash refund, we also do a one time free sizing exchange. It's truly a risk free first time experience.

Be as specific as you like

You can't choose the exact designs that go into your kit. However, you can leave us a note on what kind of styles you prefer. 

Do I indicate my pre-pregnancy size?

Both are fine! You can let us know your sizing right now, but indicate if the bras are currently too tight/loose for you. If you're currently pregnant, let us know how far along you are as well.

Here's an example of a note we've received. Being specific isn't a bad thing - it helps us in picking out stuff we know you already like.

So dig deep and leave us a message. We can't wait to read it.


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bralette starter kit


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