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Christmas Gift Ideas Under $30

Secret Santa is a great game to play until you draw a friend or colleague who seemingly already has everything in life and is crazy picky about what appears under the wrapping paper.

I admit I can be a difficult person to purchase a gift for. After all, I often berate my friends for spending excessively on cosmetics, random knick-knacks and even paying too much for food when they eat out.

They might be a little afraid to buy gifts for me since I've (on more than one occasion) unwrapped a present, then go on and on about how overpriced and wasteful it is.

But gifting done right can be a true accomplishment. And makes you and the recipient feel like Christmas has meaning again.

So as a ultra picky gift receiver myself, here are some recommendations I have this festive season.

Mira Singapore Soap Bars & Shampoos ($6 - $20)

I've been an avid user of bar soaps for awhile now. Not only are they more eco-friendly, they also smell nice in a way that commercial soaps cannot replicate. It's a kind of...soothing, rich fragrance that's subtle, but oozes class and perfumes you and the air around you. Damn, I should've been a copywriter.

It's a great gift for both men and women, regardless of age. Plus, they're made from natural ingredients and quite affordable too. I've tried their Wild Rose Facial Bar and French Lavender. Both of which I used up till the very end.

Drool Stamps ($9-$48)

Image of The Botanics No. 5

I love stamps. Chops. Stencils. Whatever you want to call it. They are super useful when you're trying to beautify something, or simply to have around so you can be reminded that you have to potential to make everything beautiful.

I've been following Drool Stamps for awhile now and her creativity and dedication to making the most beautiful stamps makes me shudder in admiration. For the craft bug friends you have, or the ones who always go the extra mile to make sure their wrapping one-ups everyone else's. This might just be the perfect gift.

GoobyCakes ($6.50 - $128)

Original Cheese Pãos

For a gift you'll smell before you even see it, go for Miss Goob's Cheese Paos. They are a recipe based off the traditional Brazillian Pão de queijo which translates into Cheese Bread. If you're a fan of savoury treats, get this. Get this for your secret santee and then get more for yourself.

I've personally eaten this on more than one occasion and love them. Savoury, fragrant and so divinely chewy. They make my heart sing everytime. If you're looking for something sweet, definitely go for her cookies or tiramisu jars.

Inara Organics $8.50 - $86

Newborn Set

We first got to know about Inara Organics as they were our neighbours at a pop up event we did. Their founder Nina, is a wonderful wonderful lady with a generous and giving heart.

I've been a fan of their balms ever since purchasing the Recovery Salve (I need this like I need air after standing for 12 hours at our events) and I've even recommended this to my parents and in-laws as well.

They are crazy popular amongst mummies who swear by their Sleepy Balm and Soothie Woothie, so if you have a friend who's a new parent, get one of these tubs. Who knows, you might be the one who gifts them a night of good sleep.

Our Bralette Club ($15 - $38.80)

Did you really think we were going to leave ourselves out? Gift the gift of comfort (really, what better gift right?) and introduce a girlfriend to a bralette. If your secret santee is a guy, well, keeping his girlfriend comfortable will help him score some points too...right?

Our Christmas gift sets are ultra economical this year, starting at $20 for 2 unpadded bralettes, a pair of reusable nipple covers, a reusable pouch and a gift box.

We also have $30 and $40 options as well, depending on your gifting budget. So, don't leave us out when Christmas shopping!

You either love Christmas, or adore it

Yes, I'm the kind that's crazy for it and I won't allow anyone to say anything else. Even if I'm miserly most of the year and try to scrimp and save on most things, Christmas just loosens my purse strings and makes me want to bring happiness to everyone I love.

If you have any ideas for Christmas presents that we might have missed, leave us a comment below!

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