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Zero Packaging

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Do your part for the environment!

When you add this item to cart, we will remove all packaging in your order.

Customer Reviews

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Lyn F.
Great option to include

Packaging has always been a pet peeve especially when recycling bins in Singapore may not always be going through recycling. More often than not, the packaging are all landing in an incinerator. It is great that OBC allows users to choose packaging free options so kudos to everyone for your part in protecting our planet!

Samantha Chia
Green Option

I like that there's the zero package options. Do you really need all that unnecessary stuff just to pack your bralettes in when you're going to throw it away the second you receive the order? However, if there's a way to have non-plastic packaging, that would be preferable. Also, while the pouch is a good way to reuse, if I'm a repeat customer, I don't know if I want to have multiple pouches stashed away.

R Tan
Zero packaging

Although I must admit I am curious how the standard packaging would look like, I'm sticking to the zero packaging option. Bralettes are well packaged in a functional plastic zip pouch. Thank you OBC for providing customers an option for zero packaging.