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5 Tips To Winning An OBC Sale

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Joining in the 9.9 Sales that are happening everywhere, Our Bralette Club will be running our very own 8.9 sale happening 8 September 2018, Saturday at 11AM! As with most sales, some girls will be left disappointed when stocks run out or when they miss the sale date by nothing more than a minute. So here are some of our tips, gathered from running sales over the years. If you wanna be a winner this time round, be sure to follow these tips!

1. Ask For Sizing Advise Before The Sale

help me help you assistance GIF Our live chat team is super popular and we've received countless praises about how fast and useful their replies are. So if you're intending to get your size checked out for certain bralettes, it'd be best to have it done before the sale starts. If not, you might be delayed from checking out and thus lose out during the sale.
Best practice: Know your usual bra size, or double check against our sizing guide. Then, narrow down on the designs you'd like to purchase and then chat with our live chat personnel. We'll be able to tell you what size for that bralette fits you best!

2. Get Friends To Combine Orders For Free Shipping

mean girls GIF We offer free shipping for orders above $60 SGD (Singapore orders) and $100 SGD (International orders). So, if you can find a friend to combine orders, you'll save up to $4.50 SGD on shipping fees.

3. Add To Cart 5 Minutes Before The Sale Starts

grocery store puppy GIF If you're always left wondering why it's only 10 minutes into the sale but there's nothing left for you to purchase and HOW THOSE GIRLS ARE SO FAST WITH THEIR PURCHASE, well, you gotta step up your game. Most of the girls come onto the site 10-15 minutes earlier than the sale so they can slowly add all the items to cart. So once the clock strikes sale time, they just breeze through checkout with their winning purchases. This trick, you gotta learn.

4. Stock Up On Comfortable Designs

hungry groceries GIF by VH1 You might already own some of the designs going on sale, but if you find them comfy (SUPER COMFY), then you might want to stock up on them. We have customers that hold on to 10 pieces of the same bralette, just because they are afraid it'd be discontinued. So if you've tried a design, know it fits you and that it's comfy, go ahead and stock up during the sale.

5. Input Shipping & Billing Info Early

typing montage GIF To avoid being delayed at checkout, create an account before the sale begins. This will ensure you'll be able to cruise through checkout and beat the rest. Don't let credit card details or billing information slow you down! It might mean the difference between getting the last piece of the OBClassic Midi bralette and losing it all. That's all we have folks! And good luck during the sale, we're looking forward to seeing your girls always!