Every year, when October comes around, we dedicate our time and effort into raising awareness for Breast Cancer.
We not only do it because we're a lingerie brand and this disease is close to our heart. But also because we have interacted with countless cancer warriors in our years of running this business, which makes this cause extremely personal to us. 

We can make a difference to the lives of breast cancer victims. From designing lingerie that's focussed on comfort and body positivity, to raising awareness by sharing information and finally, donating to the cause.

This year, with a slightly bigger team, we are able to do a little more. So we hope you learn a little more about this disease and the four incredible women who are joining us on this awareness campaign.

Meet our models

The "From The Heart" Bralette

For every From The Heart bralette sold, we're donating $10 to a cause that supports breast cancer patients.

Our Interview

Breast Cancer Infographics