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How To Identify A High Support Bralette

Not all bralettes are made equal. Designed to feel like nothing, bralettes are known for their superior comfort and aesthetic appeal but not for their practicality and ability to provide support. And we completely understand where the misconception stems from.


Traditional bralettes are simple - 2 triangle cups, thin shoulder straps and a barely there underbust band. They are often misunderstood to be sexy and not functional. However, with iterative design, it has become possible for bralettes to provide you with practical wear and the perfect balance between support and comfort. 


Here’s what you should be looking out for if you’re looking for a bralette with high support.


Look out for a sturdy underbust band

A sturdy underbust band lends structure to the bralette and prevents it from shifting or warping under the weight of your breasts. More often than not, bralettes come with very thin elastic bands that provide little to no support and create a feeling of insecurity.

Don’t just go for one that is too wide as well. As the underbust band sits on the area under your bust and around your ribs, a band that is thick (more than 1 inch) can be extremely uncomfortable to wear.

Choose something that’s of a moderate width, but made of a sturdy material that doesn’t yield easily when you try folding it in half. Better yet is if you can find one that feels great against your skin as well to prevent chafing.

If you’re looking for a bralette with a reinforced underbust band, consider our ever popular Sweet Kisses bralette - designed for your support and comfort.


Good quality shoulder straps

When it comes to shoulder straps, we all know that thicker is better (for support). However, if you’re wearing a bralette, then you’ve probably got an eye for fashion yet still practical enough to care about comfort.

So while we’d advise you to go for something with thicker shoulder straps, we also know that some outfits just call for something that provides enough support without sacrificing on style. 

Instead, look for shoulder straps that feel weighty in your hand and slightly stiffer than what you’d look for in a good hair scrunchie. It should be able to carry the weight of your breast without cutting into your shoulders. The sturdiness of the shoulder straps ensure that the weight can be distributed across the entire length instead of just overstretching at one point.

For our bralettes, you can choose the thickness of the shoulder straps to suit the level of support you require. 


Something to hold the cups together

After years of wearing, designing and experimenting, we’ve come to realise that the triangle cups in a typical bralette style tend to spread open when you’re wearing it. This can result in nip-slips or the feeling of insecurity when worn.

That’s why when looking out for a supportive bralette style, you should keep a look out for designs that have made changes to the traditional triangle cup. These can be improvements like sewing the cups together in order to ensure that there is no spreading.

Most of the designs we have in store have this little detail - whether it’s straps that hold the cups in place, overlapping of cups to ensure they spread less or cups that are sewn together. This little detail works wonders in giving the centralisation to your busts need for support. 

A bralette that provides support may sound like a myth, but it really isn’t. A brand with an iterative design process will be able to come up with a bralette that feels like nothing, but still provides the support and coverage you need to get through the day.

Don’t quite believe us? Try our Starter Kit. Refundable in cash because we are that confident that our bralettes are practical, comfortable and beautiful.




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Loved this blog post! As someone who struggles with bralettes for support and security, this blog post has helped so much! I used to think that all bralettes were the same and that I would never be able to wear one functionally (except maybe for a photo). As a larger chested woman, I tend to fall out of bralettes, but I always love the aesthetic of them. I am now more well informed on what would be a functional bralette for me !


I love the Sweet Kisses range so much! Always thought that no underwire means no support, but the band makes it so good. Good to know shoulder straps don’t have to be thick to give support too!


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