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Debunking The Myth About Support

A lot of times, we get customers that walk into our retail store and are absolutely new to bralettes.

They usually pick up a design that catches their eye, feels the underbust band and then let out a gasp of disbelief:

There's no underwire? What about support?

Which leads us to why this post exists, and why we are here to debunk the myth about your breasts needing support.

Bras Make Breasts Sag

We're not making this up just so we can convince you that bralettes are better than bras. It's real. It's science.

According to a 15 year study from the University of Besançon, France, breasts gain no benefit from being denied gravity and they get saggier with a bra.

The science behind it is similar to that of exercising your muscles so they get stronger. But instead of muscles, there are ligaments in your breasts that keep them perky. When these ligaments aren't put to use, they lose their strength, causing sagging when you take your bra off.

Support = Security

The search for support in a bra is actually a search for security. The feeling of being hugged by lingerie when you're going about your daily activities, and not so much the feeling of having your breasts squished into a moulded cup and stabbed by underwire.

A lot of women equate support with the traditional bra — thick shoulder straps, big round moulded cups and a sculpted underwire. But truth is, you can achieve the feeling of security without having to feel uncomfortable.

Designed for your comfort

In our search for providing the most comfortable bralettes for our customers, we've found out that women generally prefer shoulder straps that are of moderate thickness. Kind of like how Goldilocks likes her porridge. Not too thick and not too thin.

Full cup coverage also helps create the feeling of security and allows peace of mind knowing that there is enough coverage to keep your breasts securely in place.

Thick underbands are also a new development in our product designs. Reinforced lycra bound bands provide that snug feeling. This provides security and support (yet provides comfort) that most women look for in a good piece of lingerie.

Take A Leap of Faith

It's easy to be sceptical about new things. After all, many consider bralettes a passing trend in the fast world of fashion. But we believe that wearing bralettes is a lifestyle. It's a way of prioritising your own comfort instead of conforming to societal standards to look a certain way.

If you're new to this, give our starter kit a try. It's a hand picked set of bralettes for your size, and refundable in cash if you don't like it.

No risk, no harm giving it a shot!

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