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A New Beginning

We love the beginning of each year. The setting of resolutions and a promise to become better than we were in 2020 always makes us feel hopeful - even if these resolutions only last for the first few months 😂

But what we love even more is the outpour of creativity and new products that always seem to surge during this time of the year. The weekly launches from your favourite blogshops and the brighter colours that seem to be preferred during this time of the year. It's refreshing and it really helps to start the year on a different note.

We're doing the same here too. Starting off our first collection for 2021 with pops of bright colours, really encouraging colourway names and of course, some of our most popular designs.

Want to guess what one of our new year resolutions are? We're trying to blog more this year. Hence the outpour of words. We've come to realise that in the hustle and bustle of running a business and producing new designs, we hardly take the time to document things that are important. Like thought processes and reflections.

If you're having trouble coming up with resolutions this year, we hope we inspire you to document more. On social media, blog, or a private, handwritten diary. You'll be surprised by how much you forget and how much you can remember simply through the act of writing things down.

The Pursuit for Abundance

Rich maroon lace with a hint of burgundy, paired with a nude-gold lining that makes this piece elegant and practical.

We all want more from our lives - more time, more clothes, more money. But this year, we hope that you have more happiness.

Alot of people associate the act of wanting more with being greedy. Well, they're wrong. There's nothing wrong with wanting more. To be more of ourselves, to spend more time taking care of ourselves. To want more happiness, joy, kindness, or peace.

The act of wanting more, to have things in abundance is not a bad thing. The things you want, however, define how happy you will be in the pursuit of more.

A State of Evergreen

Full coverage, full support design. Paired with a lush green lace and matching lining.

Seasonal items are a novelty, prized for how they're only available at a certain time of the year. Kind of like cherries in winter and lemons in summer. And while we cannot deny that there's a certain appeal in blooming only during specific times, this year, we want to be evergreen.

To bloom wherever we are planted, no matter the weather. To be able to get through all of life's challenges yet still remain evergreen.

So the next time life hits you with a particularly rough patch, instead of saying that this isn't your season, be evergreen.

Look for Black Gold

Black lace paired with a high contrast nude-gold lining.

Funny how Black Gold actually refers to crude oil (y'know cos it's black and worth more than gold). But to us, this phrase has a completely different meaning.

To us, it's a reminder to see worth and beauty in something that is seemingly unassuming.

The next time you look into the mirror and find yourself averting your gaze because you don't see anything that catches your eye, look again. You are black gold - unearthed from the depths and uniquely beautiful.

A New Beginning launches 13 Jan, 8pm on our online store. Now available at our retail store - KINEX Mall, #01-47.

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