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5 Bralettes (We Think) The Crazy Rich Asians Wore

Everyone's got the CRA fever. Whether you're a fashion fanatic going gaga over the entire costume set or just a typical Singaporean imagining your life amongst the rich and famous, one thing's for sure...we're hooked on this crazy rich family. But while watching the entire show, we couldn't help but wonder, which of our bralettes would the Crazy Rich Asians have worn with their fabulous and over the top outfits? Here's our top 5 speculations so you don't have to endlessly think about it.

1. The U U Stick On Chicken Cutlet Bralette

u_u_black_front__29699-1521441868.jpg Whether it's the Disco Cleopatra dress Rachel wore the first time she met the Yangs or that Cinderella-esque dress she wore to the wedding, we know one thing for sure, she couldn't have won everyone over without a bralette like this one.
Untitled-1.jpg Low neckline? Bare back? No problem!

2. The Easy Does It Bralette

Easy Does It It's a business in the front, party in the sides kind of bralette that we think queen of fashion Astrid would have been appreciative of. Especially under that gorgeous pink Dior dress she wore when she first appeared in the show and stole our hearts.
MEGA-Astrid-Leong-Christian-Dior.jpg That poise, that elegance...
We can't help but imagine her in a bralette that offers a seamless look, but is still intricate enough with it's side detailing.

3. The Lace Up Stick On Chicken Cutlet Bralette

crazy_rich_asians_still_1_embed.jpg No one else could have pulled off a shimmery romper better.
We're not saying she definitely wore it, but that backless shimmery halter bodysuit Araminta wore at her bachelorette party, that one where she did a whole lot of jumping and dancing in? Well, the only thing that could stay on her body without revealing itself would definitely be our Lace Up Stick On Chicken Cutlet Bralette.

4. The Here For You Bralette

here for you.jpg
5b8fd1c292e32.image.jpg I would die for those PJs.
If there's one person in the entire movie that was always comfortable with who she was, it would have been Peik Lin. Decked out in her Stella McCartney animal-print PJs, we're almost dead certain she would have been wearing The Here For You under those. After all, why ruin the comfort of being in PJs with the discomfort of wearing a bra? And nothing is more comfy than these jersey knit cotton babies.

5. The B00bhugger Bralette

crazyrichasians.jpg Hey Rachel, we wished we looked as good fresh out of bed!
We hope Rachel wasn't wearing a bra in this scene (because, you know, comfort while sleeping). But if she was wearing one, we hope it's the B00bhugger. Made of thin lycra that feels silky smooth and super comfortable, this bralette has additional lace lining the cups so it's fun enough too. Especially when the boyfriend is around...it's always better to be comfortable, but still prepared right? Of course, everything is just our speculation, but if the Crazy Rich Asians are equally crazy about comfort and size inclusivity, then we betcha they'd be wearing one of our pieces all the time.
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