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Our Recycling Drive is currently on hold at the moment. No drop offs will be accepted until further notice. Thank you!


Recycling Appointment

As part of our initiatives to be a more environmentally sustainable company, we're running a recycling drive with local textile recycling company Greensquare.

Bring us your old bralettes or bras and drop them off at our retail store so we can process them for repurposing and recycling. Every bralette will be individually sorted, then brought to lesser developed countries.

Bras and bralettes from any brand are accepted.

We do not accept recycled bras and bralettes sent via courier or mail.

Bras and bralettes need to be in wearable condition and cannot be mouldy, torn or discoloured.
Sports bra tops are accepted. Nursing bras and bralettes are accepted.

You can drop off your bralettes at FUNAN MALL, #02-28, by appointment only.

Every time you donate 5 pieces or more, you'll get 10% off your order in store. The maximum number of bralettes you can drop off at once is 10 pieces.

*Discount amount varies, product exclusions apply. Applies only to purchases made on the day of recycling.


In 2016 alone, Singapore generated more than 150,000 tonnes of textile and leather waste, but only 7% of these were recycled. Our landfills are predicted to run out by 2035.

Our recycling partner sends your old bras and bralettes to lesser developed countries so they can be sold at a low cost and given a new lease of life.


Instead of holding on to your old bras that you no longer wear or have outlived their functionality, take them out and put them to better use.

Don't throw them out.

Make a trip down to our store and hand them over to us. We'll send them to be recycled and repurposed. You old bras can have a new lease of life with us.



Daily, 12pm to 8pm

Funan Mall, #02-28 (Inside W Market)
107 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 179105
by appointment only