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The Perfect Bra for Your Big Day

Finding the perfect wedding dress is a big thing. Women spend thousands (sometimes tens of thousands) of dollars on bridal studio packages just so they can lay their hands on coveted gowns, make up artists and photographers for their big day.

But that’s all money spent on the outside.

What about the inside you say?

When we were still occupying our retail space at Orchard Gateway, one of the most common customers that show up at our doors, flustered and panicky...are bride-to-bes. Or their bridesmaids.

Why? Because after spending ALL their time on finding the one gown that sings to their heart, they only have a few weeks - nay- days to find something that will match it flawlessly from the inside.

Which leads us to the main point of this blog post - what’s the perfect bra to wear on your wedding day?

  1. The Stick On

This one is a dead giveaway. The champion on the list and an essential part of every bride’s big day - The Stick On Bra. Or chicken cutlets as we’d like to call them here. 

The Stick On’s only job is to remain invisible, so you can achieve flawless looking barebacked looks on your low backed (or sheer backed gowns). But then, as a bride, it’s not too much to ask for more right?

A good Stick On bra provides invisibility. But a GREAT one provides support and gives you that slight push most brides want to achieve on their big day. That’s why many brides still prefer to wear a stick on bra even if their gown already comes with padding sewn in. 

The Lace Up Stick On Chicken Cutlet Bralette (wow, that’s a mouthful) - $28.80

Our most popular stick on is this one. The classic, full coverage lace up version that is secure, super sticky but still gentle on the skin. Some brides don’t like the lace on the stick on, finding that it tends to show up under the sheer tulle of their gowns, to which we problem - just use a ribbon instead. A white thin ribbon tied at the base then tucked back into the cutlet provides elegance and the invisibility all brides crave.

What about the low cut gowns you say?

This is really me, on my wedding day. Wearing the U U Stick On Chicken Cutlet Bralette

We’ve already anticipated this problem. Which is why there’s another version of the stick on you should consider.

The U U Stick On Chicken Cutlet Bralette - $34.80

This low cut version is held together with an elegant gold ring, which appears invisible even under sheer tulle. Even if someone sees it, it still looks like a part of your dress.

Although the support for this is less than its predecessor (The Lace Up Stick On), we love this for how it provides sufficient support even under the most low cut of dresses. Plus, it makes wearing low front, low back, low everything dresses a complete dream.

All our stick on bralettes are made with food grade adhesive gel, so they are super comfy to wear even after long hours.

  1. The Nipple Covers

Ok, let’s say your dress is really special and you can’t even wear a stick on under it. Like those that are low the sides.

Perhaps something that looks like this. 

Then, your best option for coverage would be nipple covers. We have the regular ol’ boring ones which are basically two circles meant to keep your nipples covered. But then, we also have these.

The Bunny Lifting Nipple Covers - $8.80

They are made from the same adhesive as all our stick ons, and they provide lift, even in the smallest areas possible. By sticking the round part on first, then lifting the “ears” of the nipple covers upwards, then placing them firmly down, you’ll be able to achieve a lifting effect even under the most difficult of dresses. Plus the length of the “ears” can be trimmed if you need them to be more discreet.

  1. Bodysuits

Although most dresses require your undergarments to be invisible so as to showcase all the details, some dresses also allow for layering. Like this one I wore during my solemnization.

My gown was two piece and the top was basically a sheer, beaded cropped top. So instead of wearing a stick on bra, I paired it with a cream lace bodysuit (custom made) to go with the dress. Sometimes, it’s not about trying to make your undergarments invisible, and more about trying to create layers of textures under a gown.

If you need to custom make lingerie for your wedding, drop us an email at and we’ll be happy to help you with it!

  1. Bralettes

This doesn’t sound like an obvious choice, but if you’re wearing a dress that isn’t backless, just low cut or if you’d like to show some lace for a peekaboo effect, go with a bralette. Plus, it’s more comfortable than a traditional bra so that’s one less thing to worry about on your big day.

We’ve had brides custom make bralettes to go perfectly under their gowns, so that’s a pretty fun project to work on as well. 

Of course, there are other undergarments you can wear under your gowns, like corsets and spanks for a smaller looking waist - but generally, we don’t believe in that. I didn’t wear a corset on my wedding day (didn’t even lose a single kilo for that too) and I believe no one else should have to do so if they don’t feel comfortable in.

It’s your big day! We’re celebrating you and your other half’s love and commitment to spending the rest of your lives with each other. Be comfortable, make sure you can move around and have fun - that’s always the most important. 

It’s also partially why many girls choose our stick on products over others...they really do stick well. So that’s one less thing to worry about on the most important day of you life :)

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