Solidarity - International Women's Day 2022

Solidarity - International Women's Day 2022


Happy International Women's Day to all who identify as women! March is such a wonderful month, mostly because we get to start it by celebrating the gorgeous beings that we are. This year, the theme of our IWD Campaign is Solidarity. A reminder that we, as women, are capable of supporting and standing with each other no matter our differences.
Body positivity and inclusivity is at the core of our business - and it always will be. Being able to celebrate women and always be there for them is our honour and our commitment. Being able to see the way we are able to support each other is inspiring. We hope that the collection and this campaign will always serve as a reminder that alone, we can move mountains. Together, we can achieve even more.
We've asked the 8 beautiful models from our photoshoot to tell us what it means to them to be woman. Here's what they have to say.


Being a woman is knowing your value and never compromising on it.


Being a woman is more than just physical beauty. It’s being a beautiful person inside and out.


Being a woman is being unapologetic, independent and powerful. Being woman is also being kind, loving and helpful.


Being a woman gives me the opportunity to #BreakTheBias by partnering with size inclusive & body positive brands such as Our Bralette Club, to empower and remind women to love their bodies and themselves; because together, we are stronger.


Being a woman is feeling powerful in your own body.


Being a woman means knowing that gentleness is a strength.


Being a woman means being unapologetically me in my truest self and being courageous to speak my mind with all of my heart.


Being a woman is supporting, celebrating, and inclusion of minorities and all identities.

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