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Bralettes Are Taking The Lingerie World By Storm, But Do You Know What They Are?

A lot of people think that bralettes are just a few pieces of lace thrown together. Purely for aesthetics and very rarely functional. When you think about bralettes, you think about lingerie, you think about the bedroom fun and somehow, never think of them as something you'll wear day to day. But we're ready to debunk this myth and tell you what exactly makes a bralette, a bralette.

Comfort At It's Core

At it's very basic, bralettes are bras, but without the padding and underwire. At Our Bralette Club, you'll never find any of our products that have both padding and underwire at the same time. That's because we want to change the way women see lingerie and underwear. That's why we have created products that are able to support and accompany you even without the discomfort of padding or underwire.
So many women have the misconception that bralettes are simply articles of lingerie worn solely for aesthetics purposes and never for functionality or everyday wear. That's where they are wrong. 98% of our customers wear bralettes on a daily basis because of one simple reason — it's hecking comfortable.


Unlike your regular bras, bralettes are kinder in sizing and have higher stretch. This means that they are able to see you through changing sizes and the multiple journeys of your life. The soft cups are a god sent for women with fluctuating bra sizes during their periods and you'll find them more forgiving than the stiff cups that a bra has. Say goodbye to the "gaps" when your cup size changes, but your cup is not able to mould to the shape of your body.

No Padding? How To Wear!

It might be daunting thinking about wearing bras without padding and underwire. But truth is, research has proven that wearing a bra actually encourages sagging as it weakens tissue in your breasts. However, we understand the security a well supported undergarment provides which is why at Our Bralette Club, our bralettes are always designed for your comfort and support. We feature thicker shoulder straps, wider cups and a firmer band for that additional support. Also, while most of our bralettes are double lined, with no padding, we do have a signature product that will chase away all your padding woes. our-bralette-club-5 (1).jpg The Pick Me Up Padding is a stick on padding that is adhesive on the back side so it adheres to your bralettes, bras or swimsuits to provide additional coverage and support. We prefer it this way, as opposed to padding inserts because these have to be removed before washing so they aren't damaged by the intensity of your washing machine. Hand washed in the shower then dried in the shade, these convenient and affordable add on paddings have been a hit with our customers. Not to mention, long lasting and comfortable to wear as well.

Don't Fear The Bralette

Whether you lament about the support or think that a bralette isn't suitable for your cup size, leave those thoughts behind. You just might find something you truly love and brings you unparalleled comfort. Afterall, we do provide you with a risk-free way of trying our bralettes. Just cart out a Bralette Starter Kit so we can pick the best bralettes for your size and offer you a cash refund if you don't like any of them. Bras are a thing of the past. The bralette is the new staple for women who prioritize their own comfort. Don't fear it, give it a try and you just might very well love it. Starter kit hero cta.jpg
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