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5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Us At Our Popups

In the era of online retail and e-commerce, you might think that popups, physical interactions and sales have no value any more. But that's where you're wrong. Ever bought something online you thought you'd love, but ended up never wearing it more than once? The beauty of physical retail lies in the fact that you get to touch everything for realz and you get to interact with our OBCrew in real time. If you've ever flirted with the thought of visiting us at our next event, here are 5 reasons why you should stop hesitating and just come say hi.

1. Get Properly Fitted

One of the biggest reasons as to why our customers come down to our popups is to get themselves measured and properly fitted. Over 80% of women out there are still wearing the wrong bra size and that can cause a multitude of problems over time. Even though bralettes are more sizing flexible and comfortable to wear, finding the size that's perfect for you is important too. That's why chatting with one of our OBCrews at the popups and having them recommend designs that would fit your specific needs is the top reason women come down to visit us.
photo_2018-09-04_12-05-54.jpg An Instagram DM we received after our event

2. Feel Our Products

IMG_1068 copy.png Online shopping might be the new thing right now, but it's sometimes difficult to convince customers of great quality through a computer or mobile screen. That's why about 30% of our customers head down to our popups to feel and touch our bralettes irl. We promise that our lace is always soft and we only use cotton or lycra in most of our bralettes, but having a feel of them always convinces our customers of how well made they are. So if you're having doubts about our quality or comfort, just come down to our monthly popups to have a feel for yourself.

3. Get Design Recommendations

Some people prefer midi designs which are slip on style, while others prefer a thicker, firmer band with back hooks. Well, there's a bralette out there for everyone, but coming to a popup ensures our OBCrew can help you find the perfect one in the shortest amount of time. If you've heard about our Bralette Starter Kits, coming down to our popups is like having a kit picked out for you, only without the waiting time. Our OBCrew promise to be meticulous and very very adept at finding designs that will sing to your heartstrings. Whether it's comfort, support or just aesthetics, we will find a bralette that's a perfect fit for you.

4. Shop The Discount Bins

photo_2018-09-05_21-40-31.jpg We bring our discount bins down to almost every popup event and they are a fun way to land your hands on some affordable and comfortable bralettes. It's a waste to have some of the slightly defected bralettes thrown away, so we sell them at a discounted price (usually $5-$10) instead. If you're the kind that loves a good deal and don't mind spending time finding the best pieces, then this will definitely be where you'll be spending most of your money.

5. Meet The Team!

IMG-20171123-WA0013.jpg What can we say? We're a fun bunch! And customers love chatting with us. Even if you don't intend to purchase, come down to say hi so we can share our daily rambles and some of our favourite designs with you. We love speaking to all of you and understanding your bra woes (or bralette wins!) so come down for a chat. Some of our customers have become friends after meeting at our popups so you never know what can happen! To keep up with our events and new launches, sign up for our mailing list!
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